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Nanaimo Bead Shoot

On Monday, Febuaey 19th. The Mount Benson Buckskinners (The Black Powder Division of the Nanaio Fish and Game Club) will be hosting their annual Bead Shoot! This event will start at 9:00am and will run until approximately 2:00pm. The events are Rifle/Smoothbore Trail as well as a Knife and Hawk Trail. Shooters fee is $15.00, and this includes lunch! For those not wanting to shoot, you can get lunch for $10.00. The event is held at the Naniamo Fish and Game Club Range, 1325 Naniamo Lake Road, Nanaimo, B.C.

The West Coast Rangers have many members from Nanaimo come out to our many events throughout the year, if you are able to make it down to the Bead Shoot in Febuary consider doing so to help support a fellow black Powder Club.

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