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Updated: Jan 8

2024 West Coast Rangers Executive Members

On Behalf of the Executive, first off I would like to thank everyone who came out to our AGM this past weekend. Having to add extra chairs was a weclome task. We would like to thank everyone who came early and stayed late to help set up and take down the chairs and tables. 2024 Is looking to be an exciting year for Black Powder and we will have a schedule of events out to the membership and posted on the website as soon as possible.

A big thank you is in order for those members of the executive who's terms came up at this AGM. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the club in 2023 Monty and Shelby! A welcome to Tiffany, Noreen and Jack to the Executive for the 2024 Term and thank you to those who remained on or were re-elected to the Executive. The minutes from the AGM will be available to members shortly in the Monthly Minutes section of the main website, please note that the password for this area has changed to the 2024 Gate Combo in the "ABCD" Configuration. Note that the gate combo will also change to this, an email will go out to the membership when this happens. This combo can be found on the back of your 2024 Membership Card.

We welcomed two new members who have completed their probationary period, congrats Mike and Sheila! We'd like to thank everyone who stood up to volunteer to take on organizational roles for events over the year and to those who are helping to maintain the trail system around the range.

Finally, we awarded the Club Championship awards at the end of the AGM and are as follow:

2024 West Coast Ranger Club Championship Awards:

Top Mountain Man: Monty O.

Top Mountain Woman:

Celine O.

Top Senior Man: Jim K.

Top Senior Woman:

Louise K.

Top Junior:

Dylan G.

Top Flintlock Rifle:


Top Tradegun:


Top Pistol:

Louise K.

Top Cartridge Rifle:


Best Cartridge Rifle Group:


Top Muzzleloading Shotgun:


Top Black Powder Cartridge Shotgun:


Top Knife and Hawk:

Monty O.

Top Squirel Rifle: Celine O.

Top Archery Man - Primitive:

Monty O.

Top Archery Woman - Primative:

"Cat Woman"

Top Archery Woman - Traditional: Louise K.

Top Archery Man - Traditional:

Monty O.


Shoot Straight and Keep Your Powder Dry

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