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Workshops for 2024 WPS:



Introduction to Macramé

Creating a simple plant hammock. Options to include large bead details.


Beaded leather pouch

Learn how to do beadwork onto leather neck bag.













Porcupine Quill necklace/hatband














Black Powder Shooting

Certified firearms instructor will teach firearm safety, range rules and shooting.  Great for beginners to learn the basics of safe firearms handling and the do’s and don’ts of black powder shooting.


Soap making

Make lavender-scented bar soap using the hot press method.  While that is brewing, make liquid laundry soap as well.  Bring a clean water bottle to take some home.  Otherwise, materials provided.  


Leather draw-string bag

This is a small drawstring bag usually worn on a belt to hold small items. (may not be exactly as shown)













To begin with, we will gather leaves that will have either tannins, colour or acid to place onto the fabric.  We then bundle them up and tie them up to be put into a steam bath for an hour.  After that we will unbundle them and will see our unique scarves.


Pine needle pendant

Make a pendant from pine needles using a slice of black walnut shell as the centre.  Light-weight and beautiful, decorate as you wish.  All materials supplied.  No experience necessary.





Sunday Morning:

Leather Knife Sheath

Learn how to make a custom knife sheath out of buckskin. There is a course fee of $10 (payable to instructor) to cover the cost of the buckskin.  All other materials (except knife) will be provided.  Due to the time constraints of a workshop a small to medium sized knife is recommended. Must provide your own knife, the one you are building the sheath for. (may not be exactly as shown)

















Cloth Dish Bag

If you are a primitive camper or just camp once and a while, space can be a high priority. This mealtime “possibles bag” may be just what you need and easy to make. It is a simple canvas sewn back that holds 2 plates, a pocket for utensils, and a napkin.  Easy storage, keeps contents clean, and takes up very little space.  All materials are provided and some sewing has been started. Many decorative ornaments to choose from.















Learn basic archery while shooting at burlap targets on the archery trail.  Bring a bow, archery gloves, arm guards if you have or can borrow them.  Otherwise equipment will be available to borrow and share.



Embroidery sampler, learning basic embroidery stitches.


Beaded Earrings

Learn how to brick stitch fringed beaded earrings (using size 11 seed beads, bring your glasses)














Deer Hoof Rattle

Deer Hoof Rattles are made with deer hooves, dew claws, bones, wood, hide, leather and sinew.  Historically they were used in traditional ceremonies, they have a great sound.  All supplies will be provided.














Leather Eye Glass Pouch

Materials provided, cost $5 per person payable to the instructor. Must have strong hands to be able to use a leather punch



Making Jam

Learn how easy it is to preserve fruit when it’s plentiful and often available in our own neighbourhoods. We’ll only use three ingredients and everyone will leave with a jar of freshly made blackberry jam.


Crochet Trivet

Whether you’re interested in learning a new skill or wanting to apply a skill you already love to a period correct application, join us in crocheting a cotton trivet.  Two different patterns available, one for those just learning and one for anyone already enjoying the craft.

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