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What's In a Name? | Buckskinner Alliases

If you are new to Black Powder shooting and Rendezvous, you may come across people who introduce themselves with what may seem like "Less than typical names". Mountain/Black Powder Names aren't just a modern tradtion however. Nicknames or Allisases for trappers, fur traders and buck skinners go back to the 1800's, one of the most famous being Jeramiah Johnson, known as "Liver Eatin'" Johnson or "Crow Killer". Much like their historical inspration, nicknames given to black powder shooters can be given for: feats accomplished, personal traits or commonly for comedic mistakes being made. "Liver Eatin'" Johnosn was infamously named due to his personal war he waged on the Crow Native American Tribe after they killed his wife, a member of a rival tribe in 1847 and the infamous actions he took to avenge her death. Today, names are given for much lighter actions though so don't you worry! Some trappers will go years without getting a name as it is considered a badge of honour to be awarded one. Typically names are only awarded at a formal rendezvous and are awarded by the Boushway and Segundo after fellow traders and trappers must approch the leadership with a proposal at the closing ceremonies with the naming being a ceremony being a speical event itself. So next time you are at a Rendezvous ask around and discover the culture of the traders with their powder names.

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