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National Range Day Open House: June 3rd, 2023

Celebrate the 2.3 Million Licenced Gun Owners in Canada and join us as we celebrate National Range Day. A Day created to recognize the 2.3 million licenced gun owners who responbsibily, legally and safely own and use firearms in Canada every day. On June 3rd the West Coast Rangers are opening their doors to the public and hosting an Open House from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM at our range. During this time, members will be dressed in period attire with some putting on displays of skills from the past or relaxing in canvas tents. There will also be interactive displays for the public; Under the supervision of a member, learn how to safely load and fire a Black Powder Rifle or Pistol on our range and take a few shots. Throwing Tomahawks and Knifes was another vital skill in the era, come out and learn this and take a short walk on our target trail! This event is open to any and all who wish to come out and see what the West Coast Rangers do. Our Club promotes a family friendly envroment and this event is family friendly and open to all ages. Rain or Shine we hope to see you there! Note: Age Requirement for shooting for youth will be based on ability to comprehend safe firearm handling. No Age Restriction for Tomahawk and Knife for youth.

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