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About Us

Take a Step Back in Time

Located on beautiful Vancouver Island in the heart of the scenic Alberni Valley, The West Coast Rangers Historical Reenactment Society was formed in 1978.


The club first started holding events at the ADSA Range, but soon realized that they needed a spot of their own.


















After some research and phone calls, a deal was reached to have use of the "Old 800 Yard Military Range". So it was set, and the club moved what little assets it had and put down roots that are still holding strong 45 years later.


Over time, many improvements done to the area. With the help of many members over the years, the membership now has several nice facilities and setups for our rustic settings. Although the site does not have any utilities, we make do with what we have.

The club has always believed in a  family values type atmosphere with the dedication t0 teaching all people, young and old, the safety and respect that comes with shooting sports.


May Long Weekend Rendezvous

During our Shoots many of the members will participate in

Period Dress from the Black powder era,

Which is enhanced by the presence of Wall Tents and Tee Pee's that grace the grounds.

The sounds of laughter from a  group of

Trappers huddled by a open fire can always be heard in the distance.

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